Three areas


Full products implemented by Quanticæ ready to be deployed at your organisation. These products can also be customised and/or integrated into the corporate IT.

  • HR: Quanticæ Smart Recruiting, AI supporting recruiting processes.
  • QDOCS: smart document analysis and digest.
  • Financials: Real time summaries of relevant facts issued by Spanish stock markets regulator (CNMV).

Turn-key projects

We work with our customers to undersand their needs, design, validate and deploy AI based systems that provide solutions to their needs. Each project has a specific objective that will be measured against suitable KPI. We have experience on:

  • Energy.
  • Health care.
  • Real state.

AI Components

Our most requested service: components based on artificial intelligence that integrate into there corporate IT to provide a clear added value. Some examples:

Next best Action so a donor is maintained in our NGO
Property that will fit best to a specific customer profile.
Optimum schedule for solar plants maintenance.

Our tecnologies

Most of our predictive models are based on Random Fores, extreme gradient boosting or a combination of both.

We rely on leading edge language models as BERT, word and sentence encoding, Tensorflow LM, OpenAI models. We are also continuosly watching the state of the art to incorporate best assets.

Based on deep learning and most performing models we implement transfer learning techniques to fine tune and adapt each system to our customers' needs.

Lenguaje R
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80% Complete
60% Complete

"Out of the box"

Products ready to use

Quanticae Smart Recruiting

Quanticæ Smart Recruiting (QSR) is our proposal for recruiting proceses. It is supported by natural processing language techniques to extract information from applicants' profile and feed a powerful predictive model. The outcome will be a scored list of candidates that best fit a position.

Product Microsite


Based on R language, QDOCS process documents in different formats: word, pdf, web sites, emails, DB records, ... From these text smart extractive summaires are created as well as named entities identification, keywords, concepts, etc.

The system is also capable to process coherently large documents sets to identify similar documents, clustering, etc.

Access an example

Quanticae Financials

Quanticæ Financials access CNMV (Spanish stock market regulator) fillings in real time, extract most relevant text and data and delivers a digest to the user for a quick understaning of stock market situation.

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